Feature Focus: Project Settings

24 October, 2023 Octavian G. featurefocus people resources scope time

What settings can you use for each project in Graceful Efforts so you can manage it just the way you need to ?

Waterfall vs Agile vs Hybrid

23 October, 2023 Octavian G. essential resources scope time

What is the difference between Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid ? When should they be used ? Why should they be used ?

Feature Focus: Customize The UI

17 October, 2023 Octavian G. featurefocus scope time

Customize each project's UI to reflect your team's way of working. Name things the way you're used to, for increased familiarity and decreased confusion.

Managing the project timeline, in Graceful Efforts

25 June, 2023 Octavian G. essential time

Time passes with or without our intervention. Learn about the small things you can do in order to keep your projects under control.

A bit of time management eliminates most emergencies

15 June, 2023 Octavian G. time

Find out how you can prevent common emergencies in your projects.