We know how important it is to preserve your team’s culture. You developed an in-house preference for terms based on your way of working, and that is very important. You can customize the UI to reflect your preferences, ensuring that pages, menus, forms and reports have that feeling of familiarity.

There are three ways to customize each project.


The project duration will be split into segments. You can name these segments however you wish, depending on the methodology you are using and your team’s history. Possible examples include “Stage”, “Quarter” or “Sprint”.


Splitting the project scope into smaller pieces is key to handling larger projects. You can work in a Waterfall, Agile or Hybrid manner by referring to the pieces of scope as “Deliverables”, “User Stories” or “Features”.

Scope groups

The way the project scope is split up has some patterns. Perhaps your team wants to group the scope by type, by theme, by internal vs external or any other criteria you can think of. You can name those scope groups in a way that reflects your team’s way of thinking, so you can always feel on familiar terrain.

Taking the time to customize your projects will help the team work in a familiar way - making the software adapt to your team culture. As your way of working changes, further customize your projects to reflect lessons you learned or new paradigms.