Feature Focus: Project Overview And Management

31 October, 2023 Octavian G. essential featurefocus people

Where can you find any information about your projects in Graceful Efforts ? And once you have it, what features should you use, and when ?

Waterfall vs Agile vs Hybrid

23 October, 2023 Octavian G. essential resources scope time

What is the difference between Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid ? When should they be used ? Why should they be used ?

Projects, Programs & Portfolios

16 October, 2023 Octavian G. essential terms

What is a project ? How is it done ? What is its relationship to a Program or to a Portfolio ? These are essential questions, with equally important answers.

Managing your project team, in Graceful Efforts

4 July, 2023 Octavian G. essential people

Facilitate your team's sense of ownership for the project, while allowing them to give you the feedback you need.

Managing the project timeline, in Graceful Efforts

25 June, 2023 Octavian G. essential time

Time passes with or without our intervention. Learn about the small things you can do in order to keep your projects under control.

Managing what your project delivers, in Graceful Efforts

22 June, 2023 Octavian G. essential scope

Learn the simple, straightforward way to manage what your project delivers, with Graceful Efforts.