Feature Focus: Project Overview And Management

31 October, 2023 Octavian G. essential featurefocus people

Where can you find any information about your projects in Graceful Efforts ? And once you have it, what features should you use, and when ?

Feature Focus: Project Settings

24 October, 2023 Octavian G. featurefocus people resources scope time

What settings can you use for each project in Graceful Efforts so you can manage it just the way you need to ?

Managing your project team, in Graceful Efforts

4 July, 2023 Octavian G. essential people

Facilitate your team's sense of ownership for the project, while allowing them to give you the feedback you need.

Do you treat the people in the project team as Stakeholders?

14 June, 2023 Octavian G. people

Learn how to regard your team as a powerful group of stakeholders that can block or propel the project forward.

Setting up communication in projects: stick to what works

12 June, 2023 Octavian G. people

Have you ever wondered if you're really using the basic communication methods to their full extent ?