Managing what your project delivers, in Graceful Efforts

22 June, 2023 Octavian G. essential scope

Learn the simple, straightforward way to manage what your project delivers, with Graceful Efforts.

Always plan what your project should deliver

16 June, 2023 Octavian G. scope

Eliminate the most common source of confusion from your projects, by clearly defining what you want to accomplish.

A bit of time management eliminates most emergencies

15 June, 2023 Octavian G. time

Find out how you can prevent common emergencies in your projects.

Do you treat the people in the project team as Stakeholders?

14 June, 2023 Octavian G. people

Learn how to regard your team as a powerful group of stakeholders that can block or propel the project forward.

Setting up communication in projects: stick to what works

12 June, 2023 Octavian G. people

Have you ever wondered if you're really using the basic communication methods to their full extent ?

Despite sounding very corporate, the Business Case can help small projects too

10 June, 2023 Octavian G. resources risk

Learn why you should use something like the Business Case in your projects, even if you're not part of a corporation.