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Unleash your project management Superpowers (PMP®, PRINCE2®, PM², etc) or learn how to Do It Right

Plan, Execute and Evaluate like a PRO

Plan all aspects of your projects

Whether starting a Waterfall project where you need to plan months in advance, or an Agile (or Hybrid) initiative where your scope might change overnight, you need one tool to give you all the flexibility you need.

Execute, log hours and raise blockers

Empower the team to create their own tasks, complete with time estimations. Then, the team can log work (even exceeding the planned hours) and mark tasks as Blocked, for immediate visibility.

View top tier project health metrics

Combine the project timeline, the project scope, the project delivered scope, the estimated costs and the real expenses into a comprehensive Earned Value Management graph, completed by easily explained metrics.

Let's align your expectations to what Graceful Efforts is


Graceful Efforts is a tool that helps project managers use most techniques found in various project management methodologies. This is not a task list.


We offer teams without a project manager a hands-on learning experience so they can deal with projects they would otherwise avoid because of complexity.


Our customers benefit from properly structured projects, increasing their competitive advantages and minimizing resource waste.


To stay useful to most teams, Graceful Efforts does not have hundreds of reports, dozens of dashboards or endless customization options. Your team can learn it.

Scope Management

Protect your project from runaway requirements (Scope Creep) and deliver exactly what you promised, nothing more and nothing less.

Call the smaller pieces whatever you need


This is usually the case for Waterfall projects, where planning needs to be thorough and done well in advance.


If the project is Agile, you might want to organize your tasks (User Stories) according to your roadmap.

Task Lists, or..

If you're implementing your custom project management techniques, you can call them whatever you like.

Work Packages

In the context of Scope Management, the Work Packages are used to group the Deliverables. This makes it easier to assign larger parts of the project to someone based on various criteria such as contracts, skills or anything else.

Work Breakdown Structure

Arrange your Deliverables, User Stories or Tasks Lists into an indexed (numbered), hierarchical structure.

Time Management

Stop fearing deadlines (by turning them into Milestones) and start following the plan from the Current Stage.

Current Stage

You can add as many stages as you want, but only one of them will be marked as the current one. All the daily action will happen in the Current Stage.

Stage Plan

Anything that is happening between a Stage's planned start and its planned finish will be visible in the Stage Plan. Visit the Current Stage plan from the Progress page.

Work Load

Based on each team member's tasks (planned hours), see how many hours per day they are scheduled to work and how much they already accomplished.

Work Packages

In the context of Time Management, the Work Packages have a planned start date, a planned finish date, and they can be Authorized for Work - meaning that project execution can be easily controlled in a GO / no GO fashion.

Cost & Value Management

To stay on budget, you actually need a budget. Apply Costs and Expenses to the project Scope and keep everything under control.

Cost Types

Easily add, edit and reorder Cost Types in the Cost Breakdown Structure. They are used for both Costs and Expenses.

Planned Costs

Add Costs to Deliverables in order to build the project Budget. Easily view costs by Deliverable or by Cost Type.

Real Expenses

Unlike Costs, Expenses are money that left the bank account. View the Expense Report, or view them by Deliverable or by Cost Type.


Use the Earned Value Management report at Stage and project level to get complex (but nicely explained) health indicators for the project.

Progress Management

Don't just wonder if the project is OK. Show the Sponsor, the team or the Customer how everything is going.

Done Deliverables

Each Deliverable can be marked as delivered at a specific date. This is how we track the real progress, not using Tasks.

Log Hours

All team members can log worked hours for Tasks, even going beyond each task's Planned Hours if they need to.

Progress Report

One single page with the contrasted progress of the project, Current Stage, Work Packages and Milestones.


Any task can be marked as blocked with a single click. This makes it very visible in the Progress Report page.


Don't reinvent the wheel. You've had great success in the past, save and keep using those Deliverables and their Tasks.

Create, Update, Import

Each Deliverable along with its sub-deliverables and their tasks can be saved as a new template or as a new version. A project owner or manager can add Deliverables and Tasks from a template, anywhere in the WBS of the project.

Compliance & Regulations

Include any internal to-dos in all the projects to guarantee the project is compliant with whatever it needs to be. Easily satisfy any external requirements in all the projects to guarantee outside regulations are observed.

Endless Customization

Build your own features to accomodate your team's unique challenges. The software adapts to you, not the other way around.


Easily create new features if the available ones are not enough. Graceful Efforts will adapt.

PM Specific

The PM can have private collections, collections where only they can add collections with approvable items.


Collections can be used to plan things in the future, such as meetings, risks, travel and so on.


Collections can also be used to track existing issues such as support tickets, bugs or approvals.

Ex: Risks

A Collection for risk management would require a resolution, a probability and an impact.

Ex: External Reports

A n external reports Collection would require a date, an owner, a status and perhaps a PM approval.

Project Managers

Did you ever wish your team's collaboration software had project management features ?

Team Members

Did you ever wish your collaboration software gave you better insight into the project, instead of just tasks ?


Do you want to minimize the number of meetings, calls and chats about information that is already available ?

Any industry can benefit

Software & IT

Whether you use Waterfall for mission critical software, Agile or a Hybrid system, we got you covered.


Match your contracts to your projects and viceversa, for smooth interactions with your customers.

Event planning

React quickly to last minute changes and intuitively understand the impact of risks and opportunities.


Keep track of scope, constraints and suppliers - for multiple projects and sites at the same time.

Here's what people say

After switching from JIRA, things are way less cluttered. We use templates for things like QA and security reviews.

Profile picture
Alex Summers,
Team Lead

Seeing costs rolled up for each deliverable has made financial tracking much simpler. This thing and the budget help me understand which costs are important, because we are prioritizing deliverables and we can see which costs are "worth more" so to speak.

Profile picture
Marco Bellini,
Financial Advisor

I think collections are very practical. They make me feel confident I can track any issues our customers have and I can show them how we handled it right here, without writing reports or emails.

Profile picture
Nina Robertson,
Customer Success Manager

Work packages is how I split projects, usually. I have freelancers that I work with and I'm just creating work packages based on areas of expertise.

Profile picture
Ethan T. Brown,
IT Consultant

I’ve started using the deliverables feature to gain a deeper understanding of what my projects should yield. This approach, instead of just creating tasks, makes me think of what I am supposed to do, not how to do it. This made me think harder.

Profile picture
Ellie Mitchell,
Event Planner

The project overview feature has been immensely helpful for our core team. It truly changed how we onboard volunteers and people that are not part of our core team.

Profile picture
Riley Wilson,
Non-Profit Coordinator

Integrated with over 6400 apps!
requires Zapier membership


Identify key events that are happening in your projects, and have them trigger integrations with other applications such as Airtable, Google Sheets or Gmail.


When something happens in other applications you are using, make sure some action is happening in Graceful Efforts.

Use Zapier!

No need to code, just choose applications and how you want Graceful Efforts to interact with them, using simple dropdowns and buttons.

Use ChatGPT to talk to Graceful Efforts
requires OpenAI membership

  • Simple interactions
  • Log 1 hour of work on the marketing task in the product launch project
  • Show me my projects
  • What blockers do I have in my projects ?
  • What is my most urgent task in the project with the global event ?
  • Show me the deliverables in the "Graphics" work package
  • How can I mark a task as blocked in the web interface ?
  • Request complex assistance
  • Look at the Business Case in the project with the global event. I want to cut some Material costs and I want you to tell me how the project would be impacted.
  • I need to tell the Australian stakeholders something happened. Take a look at the communication strategy of the Australia project and tell me how I should do it.
  • I want to add a deliverable to define reporting to a specific stakeholder. Should I add it under another deliverable ? Is there are right place for it ?
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Graceful Efforts

A custom ChatGPT model that allows you to interact with Graceful Efforts in a chat window.


Use all features regardless of your plan

because we REALLY want you to succeed


Excellent for small teams

  • Base cost 0 USD
  • Projects 2
  • Collaborators 2
  • Scope management
  • Time management
  • Cost management
  • Progress management
  • Templates
  • Create your-own-features
  • In-App Support
  • Zapier requires Zapier membership
  • ChatGPT requires OpenAI membership


Lots of customers or contractors

  • Base cost 8.00 USD / month
  • Billing cycle monthly
  • Projects unlimited
  • Free Collaborators 2
  • Collaborators 8.00 USD / collaborator / month
  • Scope management
  • Time management
  • Cost management
  • Progress management
  • Templates
  • Create your-own-features
  • In-App Support
  • Zapier requires Zapier membership
  • ChatGPT requires OpenAI membership

Your company is billed at the end of the month for the base cost plus the maximum number of collaborators you had each month.


Do whatever you need, always

  • Base cost 299 USD / month
  • Billing cycle monthly
  • Save 20% pay yearly
  • Onboarding Expert
  • Success Manager
  • Projects unlimited
  • Collaborators unlimited
  • All features
  • 24/7 Support
  • Zapier requires Zapier membership
  • ChatGPT requires OpenAI membership

Your company is billed in advance at the start of each billing month, or at the start of each billing year.

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