What is it ?

A project proposal outlines a potential opportunity, a solution to a challenge, or a method for undertaking a required project. Typically concise at one or two pages, it details the context, the necessity of the project, and the intended plan of action. The proposal offers crucial information to help decision-makers evaluate if the project is worth pursuing.

It must stay aligned with other foundational documents, such as:

  • Business case
  • Vision statement
  • Project charter
  • Project brief
  • Project roadmap


A potential list of sections for this document:

Executive summary

A brief outline of the issue or potential the upcoming project aims to address, detailing the main objectives, background, and anticipated outcomes.

Project background

Details that offer insight into the project, possibly incorporating its history, ecological factors, market scenarios, pivotal incidents, or other compelling justifications for its necessity.

Solutions and approach

An outline of the project's objectives and range, the projected schedule for completion, and an overview of the strategy for its execution.

Financial information

Overview of the monetary needs for the project, potentially highlighting specific financial indicators.

Resource requirements

A concise overview of the essential materials, tools, locations, and a breakdown of the expertise and team member count needed.


Use this document, or a tailored version of it, as a foundational tool to present project proposals to your valued customers or internal project sponsors. This will underscore your careful preparation and capabilities in overseeing and executing the proposed initiative.